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What is Skype- Description, Functions, And More

This article examines Skype, describes its functions and considers its benefits. Almost 60 years ago, the simple telephone will think luxury in Germany, and most people could not even imagine the internet. On the other hand, we have many ways to communicate. Landline phones are standard but increasingly will replace smartphones, which we use o simultaneously surf the web and send text messages. In addition, video telephony is still prevalent. This article looks at Skype, explains its features, and discusses its advantages.

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What is Skype?

Skype statement type is an instant messaging service available since 2003, developed in Sweden, and now owned by Microsoft. It works according to the “VoIP” principle (Voice over IP) so that telephoning runs over the computer network. In addition to the sound, Skype can also transmit an image if required. The precondition for this is, of course, a working camera. Although there have been similar IP-based services before, such as Microsoft NetMeeting and CU-SeeMe, Skype has revolutionized this type of application. The setup was previously associated with great effort, but the new software at the time made it child’s play. So anyone who wanted it could take advantage of it – without any technical background knowledge.

The Functions Of Skype

Skype has a relatively large range of functions that opens up many possibilities for users. The most critical parts will present below:

Audio And Video Calls Via Skype


As already mentioned, the primary offering of the service consists of audio and video calls. These are either 1:1 or possibly in groups. The image will transmit in HD quality.

Skype Calls At The Classic Telephone Tariff

f you want to reach someone who is not online at the moment or is not using any online services in general, mobile and can also call landline phones without internet via Skype. Here the usual costs of the telephone tariffs apply.

By the way: Of course, the whole thing also works the other way around. Can make a call to a Skype account from a landline or mobile network.

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In addition, we can also use the service for testing. Many different emojis are available.


In addition, I can send ordinary SMS via Skype.

Screen Sharing on Skype

As part of a video call, data such as images and presentations will easily share via the screen. This function is helpful for short training courses, troubleshooting, or software presentations.


Would you like to record conversations to collect memories or not to forget anything important? A simple push of a button activates the recording function.


Subtitles can add quickly, making the spoken words available for reading in real-time.

Skype Translator

The integrated translator helps to eliminate language barriers.

Mailbox And Forwarding

If you can not reach me via Skype now, callers can leave their requests in the mailbox, provided this will be set up. Alternatively, you can also divert it calls to any telephone.

The Benefits Of Skype

Available Worldwide

In principle, you can use the service anywhere. The only requirement is a working internet connection. It is how Skype connects people all over the world.

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Use the software via PC, smartphone, tablet, Xbox, or Amazon Alexa.

Easy Handling

When designing the user interface, great importance was attached to keeping navigation and operation simple. Even new users usually find their way around very quickly.

Mostly Free

kype-to-Skype calls are entirely free, with or without picture sharing.

What Costs Can Skype Incur?

It costs, nevertheless, charges can, in principle, be incurred. On the one hand, this is always the case when the communication does not run from Skype to Skype, for example, when a landline telephone calls or an SMS sends. In this case, as already mentioned, the usual tariff fees apply. For people who use the application regularly and also for contact with non-Skype users, it can be worth taking out a flat rate. There are different tariffs to choose from:

In Germany

Can  purchase tariffs with 100, 400, or unlimited free minutes to landline and mobile networks for calls within Germany. You can also opt for an option that only includes total free minutes to landlines.

In Europe

The Europe package includes unlimited calls to around 25 European countries.

Worldwide If you want to make calls worldwide, you should look at the worldwide package. It includes unlimited free minutes to 63 countries.

Skype For Business

The Skype for Business version has also been on the market for several years. It is explicitly aimed at companies and allows meetings with 250 participants. In addition, several Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, are integrated if the Office 365 option is selected. Different prices apply depending on the chosen range of functions and terms.

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