Mobile Marketing-Defination, Advantages, and MOre

Mobile marketing is a strategy that uses the capabilities of mobile devices such as cell phones. Tablets, and other mobile devices to communicate with.Relate to, and influence a specific target.

Our phones have become virtually an extension of our bodies. The number of smartphone users is increasing every day. And an increasing number of individuals are utilising their smartphones as their primary source of Internet access. As a result, investing in mobile marketing techniques is critical.

Something that has become even more pronounced due to the epidemic. With a 25% spike in mobile data traffic throughout Latin America. It will predict that 15 million mobile connections will exist in 2022. And 400 million users will exist in 2025.

Given these impressive numbers. We have no doubts: Investing in mobile marketing is essential for the success of any company today.


Mobile Marketing is a strategy that seeks to interact, relate and influence a specific audience through the functionalities of mobile marketing such as cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Investing in Mobile Marketing can be a good alternative for any company that wants to stand out since it can offer several advantages.

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The Advantages Of Putting Money Into Mobile Marketing?

The number of smartphone users is growing every year, and many people even have more than one device for personal use. And if this is not sufficient to induce you of the importance of Mobile Marketing, we have made a list of the main advantages of investing in this strategy.

The Number of Purchases Via Mobile is Growing

The add-to-in-the-figure of mobile devices on the market directly influences the number of purchases made through these devices.

Already indicated constant growth. The increase in smartphone purchases is not recent; since 2017. In the last quarter of that year, smartphone purchases grew by 51% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The expectation for the coming years is that this value will continue to increase. They consider that more and more people use mobile devices in their daily lives.

The public is purchasing mobile devices, so your company will lose the opportunity to reach your audience and sell more by not investing in mobile marketing.

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Mobile Marketing Allows Ads To Be Segmented According To The User’s Location

One of the most common problems in a Digital Marketing strategy is segmentation by region.It is essential for local businesses such as bars and restaurants, where the idea is to attract users close to the commercial establishment. Thus, a large part of the mobile devices available on the market has GPS location, a feature that will use to create

This functionality will allow your business to display ads only to users in a specific city or neighborhood near your business. With this, you will only attract the public that has the potential to become a customer, saving on the development of your promotional campaigns and increasing the conversion rate.

Users Use More And More Applications

With the increase in the number of smartphones worldwide, the use of applications by routine users also grew. The good report is that several of these applications can be excellent business opportunities for your company. Apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have become popular favorites and will use daily to communicate or stay informed.

Therefore, you can also use them for your company to build a close relationship with your customers and increase the visibility of your brand. Applications like Foursquare allow bars and restaurants to be easily found by users using their location. This way makes it possible to reach customers who otherwise would not have contact.

You can even use mobile games, such as Pokemon GO. In your marketing strategy, helping your company reach a more significant number of people and increase your sales. These applications should use as a way for your company to stay present in the day-to-day life of your customers. Leaving them one click away from coming into contact with your brand.

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Mobile Devices Allow Faster Communication With The Public

Communication with your audience can be even faster if your company invests in a Mobile Marketing strategy. Remember that people are by their mobile devices for most of the day. Checking for updates and notifications several times a day.

You can inform your customers of your exclusive promotions and discounts almost in real-time through a simple SMS. Which is cheaper and more efficient than sending correspondence.

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