7 Android Apps For Making Plans And Interacting With People

Android Apps: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; a loved and hated day in equal measure. Beyond Tinder, you may be looking for a partner and using applications to find them, but also that all you want is to make new contacts and share your hobbies, especially after seeing how all your friends have found a partner and you have been left alone. Staying at home on weekends is not an option, so pay attention to these seven Android apps with which you will forget what boredom is.

In theory, these applications will intend to meet new people and not flirt, but the reality is that this is not always the case, and you may find more than one person who wants to go beyond a simple friendship. But can’t love come at any moment?

Meet-Up Android App

What do you want to do? Learn to cook, train for a marathon, and practice a language. You’ll find it on Meetup, an app that offers you the most exciting plans near you under a motto: “When we do what we like in a group, we give the best of ourselves”. It geolocates you on the map and allows you to explore the different categories to find what you want quickly.

Do you want to dance salsa, and there is no active event? You can propose it yourself to find someone with the same tastes as yours. And to make your work easier and so that you don’t have to look at your mobile every moment, you can configure the alerts to receive notifications of the activities.

Empik Android App

Do you like to play sports and have no one to practice it? Are you passionate about running and, although you can do it alone, do you prefer to do it in a group because it’s more fun? The solution is Timpik, an app that focuses on bringing people together to play paddle tennis or soccer, although the truth is that all sports have a place. All you contain to do is seem for or create an event where you can control who you don’t want to play with.

The app offers different, exciting options, such as the possibility of managing collections and also paying online to, for example, reserve a paddle tennis court. When the game is over, you can vote for the best player, win medals for being the best in town or keep track of the statistics.

Meet  Android Me App

Classic chats have not gone out of style, and Meet Me is soundproof. You will only have to create a profile, and the application will show you others compatible with your tastes and geographical area. From there, it is up to you since you will have to contact them through chat. Yes, in addition to the chat. You can share what you want to do on your wall and access a schedule of activities near you to organize outings and meet new people.

Skout Android App

What does this mean? The Skout app allows you to convene people close to you or from anywhere. If you organize a trip alone and want to go for a walk accompanied by someone native to the place. You can do it thanks to Skout.

The app offers missions to pass tests and meet people. And in it, you can set filters to define which people you want to talk to: according to age, sex or distance. In this way. You refine the search to the maximum. Its interface and operation are very similar to Facebook. So if you’re a regular at it, you won’t have any problem mastering Skout. All you have to do is add the people you want to your contacts to be able to connect with them.

GeoKeda Android App

With the same strength as the previous ones, GeoKeda wants to connect people with the same interests. But with a clear idea: the mobile will use for first contact, and the purpose is to get out of the house. Meet new people and carry out group activities.

You can join existing events like hiking trails or parties. Or if you can’t find what you want, create your own. With a Spanish firm, GeoKeda currently works only in Spain. Although its expansion to other countries will plan.

All you have to do is record with your email or Facebook account to access the plans of hundreds of cities that you will find in Hobbispot. You will have to choose at least three categories that interest you to see everything celebrated around you when you do.

Couchsurfing Travel Android App

Budget travel lover, Couchsurfing Travel App is for you. The app allows you to find a sofa to sleep on when travelling abroad. In this way. You can meet people from the area you visit who can help you discover the native corners of the place, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

The app has more than 10 million users from more than 200,000 cities, so the possibilities of finding a good sofa to settle into on your next trip are almost endless.

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