Nacon PS4 Controller – Definition, Features, Review

Today, we’d like to give you a more in-depth look at the Nacon PS4 Controller  while also testing it. But, before we get to the controller, let’s go through the starting issue. I’ve been gambling for what seems like an eternity, at times more and less. However, most of my time will spend on the Playstation. I’ve put the it through its paces in various titles and will go into further depth there. Starting with the Playstation 1 and 2, then substantially with the PS3, and now, sadly, only irregularly with the PS4. My favourite games are unquestionably the FIFA series, but I also enjoy Battlefield and titles such as Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed. I’m honestly more of a beginner for shooters, but I’m pretty amazing at Fifa.

Features And Attributes Of The Nacon PS4 Controller

The configuration options are, of course, the central feature or simply the exceptional. You may customise it  to meet your specific demands. That’s great. You have four profiles that you may “equip.” However, you must first link the controller to a computer; this is impossible on the PS4. Furthermore, the Nacon PS4 controller offers two gaming modes distinguished by the differentially lighted rings on the analogue stick.

Advanced Mode (lights up red)

Here, you can switch between your previously created profiles, use the macro keys, and customise the critical assignment. You can also adjust the sensitivity and change the light on the right analogue stick.

The Nacon PS4 controller will make for Advanced Mode, and that’s how you should use it if you want to enjoy the full range of functions and benefits.


Individually configurable

  • Two game modes
  • Optimised ergonomics
  • The fully customisable right analogue stick
  • 8-way directional pad
  • headset connection

Nacon PS4 Controller Feeling, Processing and Optics

Seriously, that’s pretty awesome what Nacon has conjured up there. The Nacon PS4 controller is exceptionally comfortable to hold, and you can use the weights to improve the feeling and adapt it to your needs. The sticks react precisely and feel much better to me than the originals. The Nacon PS4 controller is more significant than the original It. But it doesn’t look too big. The artistry is first class, and the materials used feel very good.

Connect the Nacon PS4 controller

It is elementary; connect to the console (yes, via USB) and then press the PS button,  recognise  the controller will immediately, and you can get start.

Nacon Ps4 Controller Review

As mentioned initially, I tested the Nacon PS4 Controller  in various games. It could convince me that the precision and handling are just really good with all of them. I feel that the pass is more accurate with Fifa, and the critical click will implement faster. With Battlefield, my aiming isn’t that good anyway, but I still think it’s much better than with the original. In general, I have to say that it feels better with the Nacon PS4 controller; all movements and individual controls somehow feel a bit faster and more precise.

Nacon PS4 Controller Ratings and Reviews

Significantly different ratings will receive at Amazon; I would like to address a few problems and questions about the negative ratings. For example, one user criticises that theit feels terrible in hand. I can’t confirm that; as you have already read above, the it feels extremely good in the hand, and the arrangement of the sticks and other controls is perfect. Furthermore, it will criticise that the macro keys only react after clicking 4-5 times; I cannot confirm that all the keys of the it controller respond very precisely.

No Bluetooth and no built-in speaker?

Seriously, well, that’s a criticism I can’t understand. It will aim at the ambitious gamers among you who only occasionally gamble on the couch does not need such a controller (even if it is excellent). The pro-gamer does not use a Bluetooth headset either to avoid the risk of To minimize disconnection, and that’s how it is with a controller; there has to be a cable; everything else is nonsense! My God. And no speaker? Speakers in the controller when you have a header on? Who needs that? What nonsense; it bothered me more with the originals, and that’s why it was one of the first things I turned off.

Sometimes I ask myself under what conditions and, above all, what expectations will evaluate. If I buy such a controller, I have to know a few things.

However, there is one point of criticism that I also experienced, the connection to the Nacon update server does not work so well; even if you want to download finished profiles, the connection drops again and again. Just try it again and again; at some point, it will work and ultimately, it doesn’t limit the functionality of the Nacon PS4 controller for the first time. But that can also be because too many people want to access it simultaneously. I’ll ask Nacon about it and let you know.


I hope I can help you with my experience report on the Nacon PS4 controller, I’m excited, and it’s just fun to gamble with it. I haven’t tried the full scope of customisation yet, but I’ll do so in the next few days. The Nacon PS4 controller is just fine, but be aware of what you are buying here and then you can have a lot of fun with it. One more thing, it’s often always a question of price, the Nacon PS4 controller costs a good €50 (depending on the offer) more than the “normal” one. Everyone has to answer whether this price is justified, for my part I can only tell you that the price is right. You get an exceptionally high-quality controller that leaves nothing to will desir.

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