These Are The 5 Most Common Instagram Scams

What is Instagram Scams

Instagram scams are common on one of the most prominent social media platforms. It is also a social network where people reveal a lot about their personal life. As a result, it is a vulnerable network.Today’s blog explains the five most common scams carried out by cybercriminals on Instagram. After analyzing the article, you will be able to recognize them if you receive them accurately.

These Are The 5 Most Common Instagram Scams

It is one of the most common and repeated scams by cybercriminals. These cyberattacks have a priority objective of stealing your data or your login keys.

The most common strategies consist of sending emails impersonating Instagram’s identity. The content of the email is usually: a reminder that someone else has entered your account, a notice that you have infringed copyright, or pretending to be the support service; in this case, the contact would be by direct message. Unfortunately, all these messages have included a URL that takes you to a fake login page. By filling it out. To avoid falling into their trap, remember to pay attention to the wording, the URLs, the email address, etc.

The Verification Badge

Instagram scams blue check is the blue tick that can be next to an account’s username. This tick shows which version of celebrities or influencers is real.

Having this badge gives you status on Instagram scams, which is the claim that cybercriminals use. The strategy consists of sending you a direct message telling you that you will e verify your account in exchange for money.

Avoiding this scam is not to believe these messages, as not everyone can get this verification. The only way for Instagram scams to verify you is by submitting an official request, meeting specific requirements.

Fake sellers

Instagram scams is a social network where many brands will advertise. Besides, you can now buy online on the platform. This fact makes many unknown brands decide to advertise on this network. Cybercriminals exploit this possibility to promote fake brands claiming emerging fashion products or liquidation sales.

You have to be vigilant. If you don’t know the brand, it’s best to look it up online and see if the product reviews are on forums.

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When searching for a celebrity on Instagram scams, who has not found several double accounts?

Cybercriminals clone celebrity accounts as well as regular users. They do this to be able to contact your contacts by pretending to be you.

These scams are usually financial by asking your friends or family for money due to financial hardship. This technique seems easy to detect, but unfortunately, it is a deception that continues to claim many victims.

The best way to keep away from this trap is to contact the person who is supposedly asking you for help by other means and verify it.

The Love Trap

In this case, the scammers gain the victims’ trust for a while. This trust will earn through flirtation. At first, they start by liking your posts and commenting on you until they send you a direct message. At that moment, if the victim gives rise to the conversation is when the love trap begins.

This type of fraud aims to get the deceived person to give them money with the excuse of being able to catch a flight to see them or because they have some emergency.

Avoiding these scams may be to the person’s profile picture using Google images, doubt if the person is lovely all the time, or making excuses for a meetup or video call.


Instagram scams works so that its social network is as “clean” as possible of scams, but it is tough for users to be exempt from suffering from these deceptions. These types of attacks will continue to exist; what you have to do is be attentive to the emails or messages that you receive, distrusting if something seems strange or

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