Garmin Watches- Definition, Advantage, Disadvantages, And More

Garmin Watches: It is critical to monitor the body and fully report what is happening for exercise and sports enthusiasts. We can boost its performance and produce more outstanding outcomes this way. As a result, Garmin has made its smartwatches available to us. A fantastic tool for properly monitoring our bodies during these exercises.

The Best Garmin Watches On The Market

With so many GPS watches on the market, it might be challenging to choose one. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top Garmin watches below.

Shopping Guide:

When buying a Garmin watch, you must know the essential features for the activity you want to do. For this cause, we have prepared the following guide for you to understand what a Garmin watch is and how it can help you.

Advantages Of Garmin Watches

  • very accurate GPS
  • shock resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Payments via NFC
  • Music
  • Solar charging (some models)
  • Variety in their sizes
  • They monitor heart pressure, calories, stress level, and hours of sleep
  • Advanced training features and metrics
  • Versatility in its designs for sports and casual use

Disadvantages Of Garmin Watches

  • The models overlap each other, and it isn’t easy to choose
  • How do Garmin watches work?
  • Garmin watches work based on a heart rate monitor or heart rate monitor that measures the user’s heart rate. This information helps us control training intensity, count calories burned in real-time, and even monitor sleep.
  • In addition, they have an LED sensor that, by illuminating the skin, detects blood flow and determines our pulsations. This sensor can configure for cycling, swimming, or running activities.

What Role Does GPS Play In Garmin Watches?

GPS works through satellites that constantly transmit our position and time signals. Thanks to such precise measurement of time, we can calculate the speed of a person’s movement. For example, knowing the displacement speed helps us understand what intensity we are training.

Plus, built-in GPS, sensors, and heart rate monitors are essential for more advanced training features and metrics. The GPS can also generate routes of the routes we have made, drawing us a map and storing them in the device.

This feature is excellent for people who are into hiking. However, a disadvantage of GPS in watches is that they consume too much energy, considerably reducing their daily duration.

Types Of Use – Garmin Watches

Depending on the use you are going to make of the watch, you must choose one type or another:

Triathlon: If you like to do this type of sports activity and need a tool to help monitor your performance, this is your line. Models such as the Forerunner 945, Forerunner 935, or the entire line of Fenix ​​models will be beneficial for you. They have improvements in the metrics and functions of the different training profiles.

Running: In short, all Garmin watches are suitable for this activity. This decision should base on the type of materials you want, design, and functions. If you’re starting and don’t want to spend much money, you can go for a Forerunner 45 or Forerunner 45S. But if you want a better design, better metrics, and features, we recommend choosing a Forerunner 645.

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Mountain: You will need a watch with functions to load routes and a barometric altimeter. For example, the Forerunner 935, Forerunner 945, or the Instinct and Instinct Solar, as long as you do high mountains. If you want to be able to load maps, in addition to that, you should go through the Fenix ​​line. It is the most popular for this activity. However, the Forerunner 945 is a budget option if you want to load maps.

Swimming: If you are looking for a watch specifically for swimming in a pool or open water, the Swim 2 is your watch. These watches’ optical heart rate monitor works perfectly in the water; they bring rhythm and autopause alerts. It also maintains fundamental profiles for cardio or running. This option is excellent, so you don’t have to spend much money on a high-end watch like the Forerunner 945 or others in the Fenix ​​line.

Range Type

The difference between the Garmin watch ranges is their design, materials, and functions.

Low range: The watches in this range are limited in design and materials since they will mostly make composite or carbon fiber. However, they keep most of the most used functions, such as triathlon or loading routes. Therefore, in this section, the Forerunner line predominates.

Mid-range: In this section, we can find materials such as metal and sapphire in some models of the Fenix ​​or the Vívoactive. However, the distinction in these models is also in their functionalities. For example, the Vivoactives have suitable construction materials and have an altimeter, payments, and music, but they do not have triathlon and virtual racer functions. Also, the training metrics are not that advanced.

High range: It is led by the Fenix ​​and MARQ line. They are watches made mostly of metal and with Gorilla Glass or Sapphire glass. The MARQ line has the most functions and excellent construction finishes.


Garmin uses different materials to produce its watches. You can see the main ones below:

Composite or carbon fiber: This material is very present in the Forerunner line. Being watches dedicated to athletes, they seek to have a light and resistant material like carbon fiber.

Metal/steel: If you are looking for a more elegant and exclusive design for sports, metal is your element. Although they are not as light as carbon fiber, this material is resistant to shocks. In addition, it is very resistant to water. It is present throughout the MARQ line, including a sapphire crystal. However, we can also find it in models like the Vívoactive 4 and Fenix ​​5.


Garmin is the most popular watch manufacturer among athletes. Each product has a GPS and excellent sensors that adapt to all types of users. So whether you’re planning to swim in the open ocean, run a marathon, or even climb mountains, Garmin has a watch for you.

Its GPS and precise sensors help measure our training performance in more detail. Thus, they take care of the health of the body even when we are not doing any activity.

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