Are you familiar with Facebook Chatbots? Thousands of Facebook pages have benefited from these bots, increasing interaction, increasing visitor viewing, and even generating leads and new customers. So, why do I employ them in my company? This essay will discuss why you should use Facebook Chatbots in your company.

Before we get into some of the reasons for using bots, it’s essential to understand the different sorts of Facebook Chatbots since we’ll focus on chatbots.

Latest Chatbots: This bot allows you to increase conversion volume artificially and then replicate a trending subject, resulting in a social media trend.

Traffic Chatbots are the most effective bots for driving traffic to fan pages. It also helps you increase the number of likes or visitors to your articles.

Following Chatbots: Its main objective is to follow other accounts similar to ours. Usually, they use these bots to increase the number of followers on a Facebook account.

Testing Chatbots: As its name indicates, its objective is to test the interaction of different applications in several accounts to see which one works better.

Crisis bots will use when an account is in an online reputation crisis. Its functionality is to respond to detect nasty comments actively.

Chatbots: This type of bot allows you to interact and talk with customers to answer their questions or queries.

Why Should You Utilize Facebook Chatbots For Your Business?

Now that we know what types of Facebook Messenger Chatbots exist, we can learn some reasons to use them. In this article, we will focus on the chatbot since, as chatbot specialists, we bring you the advantages of this type of bot.

Facebook ChatbotsEnable You To Reply To Your Consumers Right Away.

If we want to integrate the Facebook Messenger chatbot, we will have the facility to respond to all our customers immediately. Thanks to AI, this bot allows you to facilitate an automatic response, which generates a good impression on your users, who could become leads. Remember that developing a good impact from the first contact will be critical to success in your business.

You Can Send Promotional Or News Messages

You can also send messages of promotions or news to all your business users. The bot already has a database of all the people who have written the page’s chat querying by product, price, and other factors. So, your advertising could be cheaper and more straightforward since you optimize time and money.

Facebook Chatbots Will Always Provide Accurate Information About Your Brand.

Even if negative messages will receive, the bot will provide answers that highlight the excellent features of the brand. It can achieve if we properly program the bot so that they always give a reasonable explanation about your brand. In this case, a bot is a machine that could not be bothered by nasty comments, so it could not respond spontaneously.

Facebook Chatbots Are Available 24/7 For Your Users

The great advantage of having a business on digital channels is 24 hours a day. Through the Facebook Chatbots. You can always be available to your users. Agora pulse states that messages might be sent to a fan page between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. It is because, at this time, users have more time to connect and stay up to date. So go ahead and use Facebook chatbots.

Facebook chatbot Work with AI

Facebook chatbot Work with AI

The Facebook chatbot can work to a more significant advantage because AI powers it. So, suppose you’re wondering how bots perform so many functions. In that case, AI makes it possible to turn a chatbot into a multitasking agent, and they can train to provide better automated responses.

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Send Customized Messages Based On The User’s Tastes

Facebook chatbots are programm to respond to specific messages. So, when a customer requests more information about a product or service, the bot will be able to respond immediately and in a personalized way because it has already identified the customer’s need.

Show Your Products In A More Friendly Way

This option has allowed companies to have another digital channel to show their products more friendly. This option helps manage the purchase and becomes a virtual assistant so that the customer can feel as if they were in a physical store.

Facebook Chatbots Are Suitable For Any Business

Facebook chatbots are ideal for any business, such as restaurants, clothing stores, pharmacies, and real estate. If you think of adding the famous Facebook chatbots, we will help you integrate them to have better results.

You Can Spot Potential Customers

Not all people who write to our messenger will interest in acquiring our product or service. Therefore, the chatbot can classify users who are more interested than others. And when they consult the bot, personalized messages and products will automatically be provides. Thus, we do not lose the opportunity to generate a possible sale.

Human Agents Back Them to Facebook chatbots

Bots are excellent virtual assistants, but they will immediately notify human assistants or agents to provide a more comprehensive and effective solution if they detect a case they cannot solve. Thus, we can reduce the percentage of bad customer experiences.

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