The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Is A Pair Of Uncompromising Wireless Headphones

What is Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones: Bowers & Wilkins is one of the biggest names in high-end Wireless headphones. We are talking about products mainly bought by audiophiles who are very focused on the sound experience and do not want to compromise quality. The Wireless headphones we are talking about today, the PX7 model, is the current flagship in the British company’s portfolio.

Design and Packaging

The B&W PX7 comes packaged in white, representing the product on the front and full case details on the back. Open the box, and you will immediately notice a comfortable hard case and, of course, the Wireless headphones. Excellent quick start guide that briefly explains to the user how to use the buttons and connect the headset via Bluetooth. There are also general insurance and security manuals.

Otherwise, there are two cables in the package: a 3.5mm jack/jack for wired connection and USB Type-A/USB Type-C for charging (about 125cm long). In short, compact packaging Contains everything you need.

From every angle, PX7 references the British company. If you have focused on the brand’s Wireless headphones in recent years, you know what you will find on an aesthetic level. But do not think that it is not a novelty. In addition to the already classic finish of the fabric, excellent structural robustness and a canopy with the black and white logo, this model presents interesting advances from the ergonomic point of view.

Wireless Headphones

Now The frame is woven carbon fibre. This choice makes the Wireless headphones weigh just 310 grams, which feels positive compared to the previous model’s 335 grams. The headband is well padd, and the build quality is very high. In our tests, we had no problems and the Wireless headphones never “pressed” too hard on our heads.

There is no problem pairing these Wireless headphones with glasses. The previous model PX received some “criticism” because it created some issues from this point of view. The bearings were too stiff. In this case, however, the level of comfort will increas. Looking for a needle in a haystack, we talk about noise-cancelling headphones. Wearing glasses can affect sound quality and noise reduction. We tested it with and without glasses and can guarantee that the PX7 will maintain a good “seal” in most conditions. It must tell that, as usually happens in these cases. The use of “strips” of a certain thickness makes the difference.

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LED, a USB Type-C interface, a 3-pin audio jack input of .5 mm and buttons to manage volume, song playback and calls. In particular, the up and down keys raise and lower the volume, respectively, while the central one is multifunctional. Press once to play or silence a song, press twice to go to the next music, and press three times to return to the previous song.

Call handling is effortless: one key to answer, one key to hang up. Long press, about two seconds, to reject incoming calls. In the kiosk on the left, a button manages noise cancellation. Available ANC modes are high, low, auto and off. Press and hold, and it will activate room transfer mode, allowing you to hear what’s going on outside. There is also an integrated microphone. Highlight the fact that there are presence sensors inside the pavilion. Audio playback automatically pauses when the user removes the Wireless headphones and then resumes when they put them back on. One aspect that can make your nose squirm a bit is the size of the earphones, not the smallest.

User Qxperience And Audio Quality of Wireless Headphones

The B&W PX7 is primarily designed to will use with a smartphone. The product works better in this situation, thanks to the owner—& Wilkins WirelessHeadphones app for Android and iOS. When you start Bowers & Wilkins Wireless Headphones for the first time, you not only need to connect the Wireless headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but also enable location. This is essential to ensure proper function and detection of the headset. It  is a crucial element of the user experience, as headset setup and software updates will do  through the app.

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