Crypto Casino Player: The continuous development of the crypto space might be too complex to follow, but thankfully, these crypto casinos experts make it pretty easy. Although cryptocurrency and Bitcoin casinos are trending topics, many people are left in the dark regarding what they are. 

Trying to follow the history of digital currency into current developments can be a daunting task for any individual. However, this can be made easy by the crypto experts or Bitcoin influencers that you see on social media. 

If you want to get up to date on the crypto casino betting industry, these Bitcoin casino experts are your best bet. This article introduces some of the top Bitcoin experts to listen to online. 

8 Crypto Experts to Listen to Online

Although many claim to be experts in today’s Bitcoin space, only a select few deserve that appellation. These experts are renowned for their knowledge of the crypto Bitcoin casino space, with various accomplishments in the crypto space as proof. Moreover, most of these crypto experts have built an audience base of thousands of fans who have benefited from their knowledge. 

Since most of the information regarding cryptocurrency and Bitcoin on the internet is 90% false, these experts are necessary. They will only provide you with facts regarding the happenings in the cryptocurrency industry. A few of them also offer information regarding investment opportunities in the crypto Bitcoin space.

Below are 8 of the best Bitcoin experts that you should follow online: 

Vitalik Buterin

The co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency space. The above accomplishments are enough reasons to follow Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin) on Twitter. As one of the youngest billionaires cryptocurrency has created, Vitalik is always ready to share his understanding of cryptocurrency. 

So, if you are interested in his little insights, you can join his other 3.9 million Twitter followers. You will also see valuable crypto casino resources, reviews, and articles on various blockchain subjects on his Twitter feed. 

Andrea M. Antonopoulos

Although he is not the founder of a cryptocurrency establishment, Andrea is an authority in the Bitcoin space. He is the author of several books, such as The Internet of Money, Mastering Ethereum, and Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies. 

This tech entrepreneur can be found on his Twitter handle (@aantop), where he has more than 732,000 followers. You can also find him on YouTube, where he is releasing videos about cryptocurrency and the blockchain. If you prefer podcasts, Andrea also runs two podcasts (Speaking of Bitcoin and Unscrypted), where he talks about cryptocurrency. 

Michael Saylor 

This internet personality was among the first to invest in Bitcoin when he was the chairman of MicroStrategy. He has been following the Bitcoin journey from the beginning and is still updating the public about it. 

You can find him on Twitter (@saylor), where he has 2.4 million followers. So if you want to know anything about Bitcoin, this is your guy. 

Roger Ver

This individual was one of Bitcoin’s first investors and an early adopter of blockchain technology. His interest in crypto is so strong that he has invested in numerous startups like Kraken and Ripple. 

Roger is a trustworthy source of cryptocurrency-related information, as his 748,000 Twitter followers can attest. His words of wisdom are so renowned that they earned him the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus”. You can find him on his Twitter handle (@rogerkver), where he offers information on Bitcoin and ethical issues regarding Bitcoin. 

Charlie Lee

This crypto authority is the director of the Litecoin Foundation and the former director of engineering at Coinbase. Charlie is one of the best sources for all Litecoin and Litecoin-related information. He also offers other tidbits regarding the crypto space as well. 

If you feel like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is too complex, Charlie posts hilarious memes about cryptocurrency on his Twitter handle (@SatoshiLite). So, you can join his 1 million Twitter followers to have a good laugh and learn more about the Bitcoin and crypto casino space.  

John McAfee

You’ll probably know this name due to his popular product, the McAfee Antivirus. When John isn’t updating his well-known antivirus software, he’s learning about what’s going on in the Bitcoin casino space and researching Bitcoin currency. 

You can find this individual on Twitter (@officialmcafee), with over 1.1 million followers. His Twitter account tells people about the latest news in the Bitcoin space and gives crypto investors tips. John is also someone with a funny bone; you can browse around his Twitter handle for a few laughs. 

Tim Draper

He is a well-known investor who has put money into Coinbase, Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, and Skype. You can say that this venture capitalist has an eye for worthwhile projects and innovations. Tim Draper is the founder of the capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. 

Tim Draper has over 230,000 followers on Twitter, where he shares cryptocurrency information. His Twitter handle (@TimDraper) offers some of the most in-depth information on Bitcoin and even price forecasts for Bitcoin. You can also read his updates to find out about any new ways to invest in the Bitcoin space.

Ivan Liljeeqvist 

Popularly known for his Youtube channel (Ivan on Tech), this Sweden-based content specialist is a crypto space expert. Besides the Ivan on Tech YouTube channel, Ivan also offers crypto information on his Facebook and Instagram handles. He also has more than 382,000 followers on Twitter. 

The Ivan on Tech YouTube channel is perfect for watching live talks and debates between authorities in the Bitcoin space. You can also watch analyses of various cryptocurrencies and interviews with many Bitcoin experts. Ivan is a funny guy, so his social media handles provide humorous takes on events in the Bitcoin and Ethereum space. 


The cryptocurrency space is still growing, and innovations are increasing daily. Many blockchains are dying and new ones are popping up to replace them. Although these innovations may look scary, you can follow the crypto experts listed above to keep abreast of all of them. 

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