Super App – Defination, Features, And More

A super app is a new way of thinking about apps and conducting business in the digital age. Excellent applications are an Asian innovation that may house a vast number of services that, when combined, address a big consumer problem. Next, we’ll look at their qualities and factors that distinguish them from typical applications and how to establish if your business is willing for a Super App.

An app for my business or brand? With this question have come particular characteristics to consider for the creation of this asset:


We have features of our brand that users need to use several times.


That other applications are not solving what we will propose to break the download barrier.

User Economy

They cannot be heavy and have many things; they must have a practical and specialized focus, for example, the Mercado Libre app where people buy and sell to prevent uninstallation.

These points are what a super app challenges; what if a user only needs one app in his life to buy food, shop, or request transportation? What if I don’t have many small apps to do many things but one app that is my big solver? A super app is a new way of looking at apps, changing how we live and do business; it is an innovation coming from Asia, with WeChat, Grab, Go – Jek and Alipay being the most potent examples.

Super App – Features

Super App -Payment Commerce

For super apps, having offline or online payments is the basics. The future of payments lies in eliminating friction when paying, either because it is straightforward or because they generate an entire commerce ecosystem.

Paytm in India started as a payment method today is a super app focuses on payment commerce; you can buy bus tickets, subway tickets, trips, and events. By including Paytm Mall, you can also access cell phones or clothing; Likewise, it has a points plan, a system of offers, and specific vouchers by brand and users. A super app that eliminates the friction to pay to the point of not needing a card or a QR, only yourself.

Super App-Hyperlocal Delivery

Gain territory through presence and best time, being fast in delivering the products, being close to or in a similar geographic area as the user. Go Jek has hyper-local services that range from ordering food to massages, grocery shopping, and package delivery. Rappi is a super Colombian app with hyperlocalized delivery based on the speed of delivery by being in the same geographic area as the user.

Super App-Being Multifaceted

An app is a concept to be careful of; it is not a super app for having all the group’s businesses within the same application. Will not the art of cramming or filling; it is starting from a problem or single purpose and creating all necessary services that align with it.

What Is Your Single Purpose?

With this excellent app, you can request transportation, buy food, order gifts, make deliveries, and go to the movies; it also has its payment method. Create all these services to respond to their purpose. It has features such as Pay Later, subscriptions that allow users to save on shipping all their orders, coupons, and the possibility of accessing financing for either a driver, a business, or an entrepreneur.

How Do I Check I’m Ready To Have A Super App?

Super apps have elements within their DNA. To know if we are ready to have an excellent app, we must ask ourselves the following questions in each of these elements:

Super App-Mindset

  • Your way of thinking, of acting to scale and grow.
  • Am I capable of setting fortnightly growth goals and quickly executing actions to meet them?
  • Can I have the necessary team to have speed in releases? We have up to 2 per week?
  • Can I have the resources to keep my excellent app in constant Beta?
  • As an organization, am I willing to create rituals for generating ideas where I will make decisions immediately?

Super App-Unique Purpose

its essence does not start with a brand’s services; it begins with what the user needs. The super apps are the product, not a channel to show the products or services that we have today as a business.

  • In-depth knowledge of the user to generate innovation from the user and not from the business
  • Can I be flexible enough to recognize absurd user needs and build my product around them?
  • Am I open to transcending the objectives of the different businesses and going beyond the core of my business?


The super apps are in a state of constant Beta. There is no finished product, and there is continuous testing to solve user needs.

  • Do I have the flexibility to generate user contribution mechanisms to grow?
  • Do I have the resources to have constant knowledge of the user?
  • An ecosystem to will build Can I build more than an app, a system that supports a single purpose? In other words, can I go beyond an app to have portals, mobile wallets, financing, or whatever the user needs?

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