In 2022, The Best Free Android App

Free Android App: Android is my favorite operating system for mobile devices. It has a huge app market that allows you to have an app for pretty much anything. But whenever you buy a new smartphone or do a factory reset, you have to reinstall all those apps that you consider essential. What are those essential apps that make your phone cover all your needs?

In today’s article, I will talk about those top essential apps for Android that make your phone a step above the average and turn it into a much more powerful tool. In the following list, I will break down all the apps that I consider essential and provide me with solutions to get the most out of my phone. The following list is not a list of the best apps for Android since I will not talk about Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram, and I will not comment on any game. Everyone has those apps, and surely you already know them. I want to add value to you.

Office Lens

Being able to scan an image or document at any time and place is a luxury, precisely what Microsoft’s Office Lens app allows. Turn your smartphone into a small pocket scanner. You have to take a photo of a document, and Office Lens takes care of straightening it and formatting it. If I had to choose an essential app for Android, this would be one of them.


If you have a desktop computer or a laptop, you have undoubtedly heard of Teamviewer. This application allows you to control a PC remotely as if you were in front of the screen. Well, Teamviewer also has its Android app, and it’s great. It has the same facial appearance as the PC version and is completely free for personal use.


Battery consumption by apps that work in the background has always worried me. It doesn’t make much sense that apps I’m not using consume resources from my phone simply by being there. Greenify is an app that allow you to hibernate all those apps in the background, thus saving more battery.

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All smartphones allow you to listen to the radio if you connect headphones, but what would you say if I told you so you could listen to all the stations in the world in a single app? TuneIn Radio has thousands of radio stations, from the closest and most well-known to stations from the other side of the world, music stations by genre, news, sports, etc. Indeed that way you never get bored of listening to the radio.

AirDroid Android App

I must admit I discovered AirDroid a bit late, but it’s a must-have on all my phones since I’ve been using it. With AirDroid, you can exchange files over WiFi between your phone and your PC and control many aspects such as your contacts, SMS, and even uninstall apps. One of my top apps for Android, without a doubt. If you want to try it here, you have the download link.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer has to come to the fore if we talk about essential apps. This Android application allows you to manage and organize the files on your phone as if you were in front of a PC. Cut, paste, move, create folders, and everything else you may need. Also, if you are connected to WiFi, you can access other devices connected to the same network. One of the best Android apps, without a doubt.


Waze is the ideal app for drivers (and co-drivers). It tells you how long it will take to get from X to Y, and it tells you if there has been an accident or which are the nearby gas stations with the cheapest gasoline.

Sleep as Android

I have to admit that I have some very delicate awakenings. If I wake up startled, I’m in a bad mood for the rest of the day. That’s why I use the free Sleep app as an alarm clock. It has very relaxing sounds and periodic alerts if you don’t hear the first warning—the least painful way to get up early.

Autodesk Pixlr

A good photo editor is essential today, and Pixlr Express is one of the most complete for Android. It has everything: size adjustments, removal of red eyes, whitening teeth, effects, decorative layers, etc.

Google Translator

Probably the complete translator on Google Play. It can translate a text simply by focusing the camera on it; it reads what it decodes aloud in real-time and performs written translations. A wonder and essential if we go on a trip and speak the local language.

MX Player

Watching videos on mobile in a decent way should be a must. Many players on Google Play often have problems because it does not play a particular codec, or you need some extra plugin. It swallows it all! The only media player I haven’t had a problem with has been the MX player.

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the advantages of having Android is that there are apps like these. With Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn some Google Play credit just by doing small surveys every so often. One of the best Android apps, without a doubt.

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