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What Is The Value Of An Email Marketing Campaign For A Startup?

Email Marketing Campaign For A Startup It is one of the most effective tools for converting leads into customers. We are going to develop the keys to how to design an Email Marketing campaign that contributes to the takeoff of an emerging company

How Can An Email Marketing Campaign Help A Startup?

Email marketing emails to deliver content from an organization to a group of users.


Enhances the relationship with the public, facilitating the transition from prospect to customer. For example, send advice about our area of ​​​​knowledge.


promotes the brand’s values, spreads the values ​​we defend and generates visibility for the company. It could be a downloadable ebook.


promotes the firm, enables increased sales, acts as a speaker for the commercial department and a product showcase. Emails would fit offering discounts to hire services; details about what we provide with more information of the advantages, etc.

Every Email Marketing campaign must seek a purpose. All content will direct towards achieving that goal. And, with few exceptions, only one target will attack per campaign.

Whenever we talk about objectives, we establish some KPIs to check that they are being meet. Therefore, before launching any email marketing campaign, we will have found its objective and what performance keys we define to verify its success.

The email recipients may or may not be customers of the company. Most likely, they have a particular connection with the organization. But they must give their consent to receive these communications. If you are not yet a customer, you may have shown an interest in becoming one. Hence the considerable importance of Email Marketing: it is a direct communication channel with our target audience.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

Among the virtues of launching Email Marketing campaigns, we can list the following:


Email marketing has three times better conversion rates than social media. In addition, it can act in all phases of the funnel.

Excellent Result

Cost ratio: it is a cheap promotion formula; it offers easy management and reaches vast levels of diffusion.


Through administration packages or proprietary software, campaigns can be fully automat, freeing up Startup resources.

Customizable is a communication will make tailored to the recipient. In addition, it is compatible with any device capable of receiving emails.


A well-designed campaign reinforces the brand identity. This section of marketing accepts large doses of creativity and ingenuity.


Email marketing allows you to define KPIs to control your results. It is an ideal procedure to adopt A/B testing and implement CRO techniques. Each campaign can correct and enhance the previous one, improving its effectiveness.

How To Make An Effective Email Marketing Campaign For Start-Up

To carry out an Email Marketing movement that works, we will take into account the following keys:

Use Your Database

Do not buy recipients, something risky with the evolution of data protection legislation. It is preferable to work with our file, constantly expanding and updating the data.


Thousands of A/B tests have verified that one of the essential factors in the convertibility of Email Marketing is a Subject Line that captures interest and is suggestive. Appropriate and consistent with the body of the message. Titles longer than 50 characters will not recommend.

Personalize recipient: use their name and address them as if it were a direct email. It is easily configurable with any mailing software.

Personalize content

Adapt it to the interest of the recipient. By segmenting.  Appropriate content will achieve for the impacted group of users.

Content Of Interest

Commercial emails go to spam in many cases. To avoid this. You have to offer something interesting, as is evident. But it also helps to start the email with the most relevant information. As it will motivate the reader to keep going. Also, ideally, I could read it from the email preview. Brevity is more likely to capture attention, so we’ll try not to write more than 80 or 100 words.

The First Visual Impact Is Essential To Seducing The Receiver.

CTA: each email has a goal, and to achieve it. We have the “Call to Action”. That Call to Action will be more effective the simpler it is. Must offer precise information about what will intend with the email: Call now, “Download your ebook. Request your discount”, or any other compelling message.

Email Marketing is a powerful tool for Startups if we consider the result-cost ratio. It is worth using this marketing strategy in all stages of an organization’s life. But especially when launching a startup. You don’t have plenty of resources.

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