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Android Calendar Apps: If you are not a neat freak or need to remember anything other than going to the dentist once every six months, you most likely do not even know what calendar app you have installed on your mobile – if you have any. But if you have a busy schedule with work meetings, events, trips, birthdays, and a thousand other obligations, you know that a good calendar app can help you organize your affairs much more efficiently. In today’s post, we review some of the best Android tools in this regard.

Google Android Calendar Apps

It is the most popular calendar app on Android. It comes pre-installed by default on most Android phones, and it’s effortless to use because it’s intuitive. Not only does it help us remember birthdays, events, and appointments of all kinds, but it also automatically synchronizes flights, restaurant reservations, concerts, and more.

Its most essential features are event reminders, the ability to view the calendar differently, add goals to achieve, and automatic synchronization with Gmail. It also allows you to set locations and change the date of an event simply by making a long press. Very complete and easy to use the tool.

Calendar.AI Android Calendar Apps

Calendar.AI is a calendar tool that uses advanced algorithms to make your life easier. It has several exciting functions, such as surveys or questionnaires for meeting attendees, intelligent agenda programming, and a search engine managed by Artificial Intelligence that shows us relevant information obtained through the web to know who we will meet.

Microsoft-Outlook Android Calendar Apps

Microsoft’s email app is also one of the best android calendar apps that we can find on Android. It integrates perfectly with Google Calendar. Once we log into Outlook, we can see all our appointments and reminders associated with mail and the events noted in the Google calendar. All this at a glance and much easier than if we had to configure the Outlook calendar in Google.

Aside from the convenient cross-platform compatibility offered by Microsoft, Outlook’s calendar section also has a friendly and intuitive design. Little more you can ask for.

Any. Do is undoubtedly one of the best calendar and reminder tools that we can find, available both in an app version and in a desktop version from website. You can easily sync it with other calendar apps to import events and encode them with various colors for a more precise and neater overview.

The application is not as dense as other professional or business calendar tools, but it is an excellent system for most users to keep our appointments and obligations well controlled. The application has two models, a free one and a complete premium one for more demanding users.

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DigiCal Android Calendar Apps

DigiCal is another of the most used and best-rated  son Android. It has a clean and meticulous design so that our schedule management is as comfortable as possible. will more than 560,000 local and national festivities so that we are aware of every vacation day, regardless of our country of origin.

It also offers many other features like a location finder (autocomplete with Google Places), weather forecast, mute, 40+ themes with different colors, six widgets, dark mode, etc.

Lexical Business Agenda Android Calendar Apps

You can use a calendar app locally or sync with other calendar services like Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, etc. Other than that, it’s one of the most popular android calendar app with all the basics: more than twenty customizable themes, seven home screen widgets, and six main view types (month, week, day, schedule, tasks, and year).

One Android Calendar Apps

A calendar from which we can manage several calendars of different services simultaneously. Suppose you have calendars from apps like Google Calendar. In that case, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, Live, Office365, or Mailbox (among others), and you want to manage them from a single application; One calendar is just what you’ve been looking for.

It allows us to allocate a color to each calendar to differentiate it from the rest. When creating new events, we make them in One calendar and give them to the corresponding calendar within the list. Overall, a highly rated tool within the Android community, with 4.6 stars currently on Google Play.

Business Calendar Pro 2

Probably the best calendar app for business professionals. It has functionalities that exceed the average expected in this type of tool. It has a carefully crafted design with all the basics, and from there, it offers the most convenient additions.

From a favorites bar with which we can show or hide different calendars with a single touch, movements by weekly blocks to go to the details in future dates in an agile way, and templates to create events and reminders with a specific format much more quickly, among others more than exciting features.

Calendar Notify Android Calendar Apps

Some users prefer to use widgets to get information about their calendars, but devices usually consume battery power. If you choose to find out about everything you have on the calendar through notifications, you must look at Calendar Notify. We can find out about the following events on our schedule with this application by simply displaying the notification bar.

The high-quality thing concerning this scheme is that all that information appears on the lock screen. In this way, we can consult the calendar without even having to unlock the phone. Of course, this can also have its negative side, mainly if we handle a lot of confidential information.

Simple-Android Calendar Apps

A simple Calendar is compatible with most popular calendar services, offers a good level of customization themes, and allows you to create widgets. Among other extra functions, we can also quickly share events on social networks or send them to colleagues, clients, or friends in a couple of clicks.

Do you know other android calendar app that are worth it? If so, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area.

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