What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Technology App Development?

When planning your app development,  you first have to think about which technology you want to use to realize your app. This decision has a significant impact on the success of your app development. We  briefly explain  the most important technologies and show you the advantages and disadvantages of app development

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of App Development In Technology?

Can use various technologies in the development of apps. On the one hand, there are classic native apps, and on the other hand, modern web apps are in increasing demand. Or hybrid apps, which are a mixture of the two variants mentioned. All three technologies have advantages and disadvantages and can use differently.

Native App

Native apps can understand as the original form of apps. They can install on the user’s end device via the relevant app store. Their development is specifically for an operating system in the appropriate language, e.g., Java speaks for Android and Swift for iOS.

Benefits Of Native App Development

The most significant benefit of native apps is their performance potential. Native app development is suitable for complex apps intend to exploit maximum performance.

Due to the necessary compatibility with an operating system, hardware components such as sensors,  RF modules,  Bluetooth, or NFC can will controll with high performance and directly. The native variant is the best option for implementing projects where smartphones will use the most.

In addition, it can often improve the usability of native apps. The dedicated development for each operating system allows the design guides and the native UI elements of the respective operating system to integrate better.

Disadvantages Of Native App Development

Since native apps will develop in different programming languages ​​(Java and Swift),  two versions must always will creat and maintained. There is also more effort involv in the conception. _ To achieve maximum native development, the design guidelines of Android and iOS should consider when creating the user interface.


A web app is a website with the characteristics of a native app. Classic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript will use. As a result,  mobile websites can be supplement with push notifications or offline functionalities or can access  GPS and cameras.

Web apps are platform-independent because they use standard web technologies. You don’t have to write your application for each operating system; it’s enough to program one version. This version is then call a website (via tablet, Mobile, , or desktop PC or installe as an app ( Android and iOS)  on the smartphone. Apple does not support this variant, so there is no way to offer the app in the App Store.

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Advantages Of Web App Development

First of all, the low development effort is worth mentioning here since only one technology is used for web and app. The speed of development is also an advantage.

Disadvantages Of Web App Development

Apple does not currently support web app distribution. When it comes to complexity and performance, web apps cannot keep up with native apps. In some cases, the user experience is not entirely native

Hybrid Apps

You can think of a  hybrid app as a web app that uses frameworks to give the app a small native shell . Here native apps will combine with web apps. Like web apps, hybrid apps will base on web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. However, they run in a  container. The following frameworks often develop hybrid applications:  Cordova,  PhoneGap, Ionic, or  React  Native.

The app container serves as an interface between the native technology and the web t e c technology. As a result, native functions can control as required. With the native housing, it is also possible to publish the app in the Apple App Store.

Advantages Of Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are interesting because they combine the advantages of native and web-based apps. They are native and can therefore also  offerd in the  Apple Store. Hybrid apps are straightforward to develop and maintain, as only one website needs to grow, which will then export for the appropriate operating system.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid App Development

Since frameworks such as  React Native or Cordova will use here,  there is an additional effort in development and maintenance (e.g., due to framework updates). They are therefore more complex than web apps. The performance cannot keep up with native applications either.


If your app is to solve complex, computationally intensive tasks, we recommend the native variant. If your app is more straightforward, you can use a web app. For the middle ground, a hybrid app can be the solution.

Thus, it cannot answer the question of the right technology in general terms. You are welcome to get advice from our experts and obtain an initial assessment. To do this, you need to factor in time and effort factors. Unfortunately, we can not give you a  secret tip here.

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