The Greatest Android Remote Desktop Apps

Android Remote Desktop Apps: For remote technical help, remote desktop programmes are a must-have. They also have their uses personally because they let us connect to our home computers and interact with them whether we are at work, At college, or 800 kilometres away sipping very cold cacao.

Providing the years will limit this type of functionality to desktop computers. Still, as Android and iOS have become more mainstream. Programmes for remote access to PCs from mobile devices have increased like mushrooms. We get a look at a few of the most popular free options.

The Best Android Apps For Remote Desktop Access To A PC

The operation of remote desktop programmes is relatively straightforward. We need to install the software on both client and  also server devices and connect with an access key. If you have any questions. Read this other POST where we describe how to make this type of connection in-depth with actual examples. And also we can search Youtube MP3 Converter

Chrome’s Remote Desktop Service

It is the simplest way to log in and administer your desktop remotely if you have the Google Chrome browser installed on your PC. It works on computers running Windows. Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks, and it also has a mobile version for Android and iOS.

The app is entirely free, and all we have to do is download it from the official Chrome Remote Desktop website and follow the instructions to install it on the computer we wish to capture. Then we install the programme on our phone. Input the identification and PIN that appears on the desktop computer. And we’ll be operating it from the screen of our mobile device in less than a rooster sings.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft has its tool for capturing remote computers and virtual machines. Because the utility is compatible with Windows Professional. Windows Enterprise, and Windows Server,. It may  assum to be a business-oriented product.

From Windows 8 onwards, Microsoft Remote Desktop is available on both Android and iOS. And it provides high-quality audio/video streaming and touches control. Although it is a potent tool.Its disadvantage is that it is not as simple to install and configure as other similar programmes. Microsoft has provided substantial documentation to its users to help them get the most out of it. Which we can find here.

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Teamviewer is one of the oldest and mainly popular remote desktop applications. It has had a mobile version for years. And the truth is that it works just as well as the PC version.

Powerful. The license is completely free if we use the application for personal use. However, it offers enterprise-level functionalities (permissions, 256-bit AES encryption.Bidirectional file sending, remote reboots, etc.), which is a handy tool. However, the software includes code to detect the possible commercial use that the user may be making. In which case we will block from accessing the application.

Teamviewer is compatible with Android and iOS and allows you to capture computers with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and even strategies such as Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

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Another classic app for capturing PCs has also successfully leapt mobile devices. Its operation is as follows: first, we install the VNC Server application on the computer that we want to access remotely, and then we install VNC Viewer on the device from which we will connect.

The server application supports most working systems, from Windows and Mac to Linux and even Raspberry Pi. The client application (Viewer) has the same support, including Android and iOS.

VNC uses end-to-end encryption and custom password protection for each server machine. On mobile devices, the touch screen does the work of the mouse, although it is also compatible with Bluetooth keyboards. And also search 4K Screen

Splashtop Staff

Splashtop features a very similar business model to Teamviewer. Offering the app for free for personal use. On the other hand, it is more identical to VNC: the system has a server application (Splashtop Streamer) for the computers we want to connect to and a client application (Splashtop Personal App) for the device which we are going to use as a remote control.

The capture app is highly versatile, with versions for Android.IOS, Kindle Fire, macOS, Windows Phone, and Windows XP/7/8/10. Finally. It is value mentioning that it is one of the best rate remote desktop applications in the Play Store.

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