App campaign may easily promote using Google’s primary assets, including Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. This article w

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What Is An App Campaign?

Your app has a lot of helpful features and a great look. Unfortunately, your program has had very few downloads. The most typical cause is that your app is still unknown to many people. To reach that demographic, you should market your app. This is where the app promotion discussed before comes into play. It gives you the ability to promote your app across all Google platforms. Google’s platforms include, among others, Google Search, Google Play, and YouTube. You only need to give excellent advertising words and content in this case. Google will handle the remainder.

How Does An App Campaign Work?

The advantage of an app campaign is that you don’t have to create the ads individually. Instead, it uses the information it already has from your App Store listing to create different ads across multiple formats and ad networks.

Google requires the following information:

  • lyrics
  • starting bid
  • budget
  • languages ​​and regions
  • Google also recommends uploading the following:
  • one landscape and one portrait format image
  • a video in landscape format
  • HTML5 Assets
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That’s all you need to put in the effort! As I said, Google will take care of the rest for you.

It automatically tests different asset combinations, and as a result, the best-performing ads will show more often. Google Ads also automates targeting and bidding. It allows you to achieve tremendous possible success with every download. To reach your target group, therefore, a perfect campaign is required.

App ads are created automatically in Google Ads. These combine your App Store entry’s text, images, videos, and HTML assets. In addition, the frequency of ads will base on the performance achieved by specific lines of text. It automatically rotates ads and adjusts your bids to help your app get a high download count.

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 Is App Campaign Make Your App More Effective?

 More Installs

It is about optimizing your bids and targeting in Google Ads. The goal is to get as many users as possible for your app. The request you set should be the average amount you’re willing to spend per install. You can also target your ads to specific users in the new Google Ads interface. This option allows you to continue bidding on installs.

More In-App Actions of App Campaign

More In-App Actions

If you want to target relevant users, you should access this option will only show  Your ads to users who will most likely complete the in-app actions by setting up your campaign.

Value Increase Of In-App Campaign

This point is relevant if adding value to the in-app actions is most important to you in your campaign. Your set bid should equal the average conversion value. It means the so-called target ROAS, with which you convert every euro that you have spent. It shows your ads to the users who are likely to generate the most revenue for you. For example, in the conversion tracking period, 50 cents is generated through in-app purchases for every euro spent. Therefore, you should set a target ROAS of 50 percent here.


In summary, one can say that Google offers a comprehensive service package on this topic. If you want to market your app successfully, Google can help you. Because with Google, you can gain many users and thus push your app to the top.

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