Giving and getting Photo Christmas cards is a fun Christmas tradition. There’s nothing quite like opening your mailbox on a December afternoon to find happy greetings from family and friends! And while we live in an age where social media keeps us in touch with each other’s daily lives, there’s still something magical about receiving a physical card. Finally, the donor took the time to find your address, seal and seal the envelope, and send a tangible reminder of your affection!

Yes, sending Holiday photo cards is charming in every way. But the “best time of the year” can also be stressful! So why not get a head start? With a little planning and creativity, it’s easy to put your Christmas cards together well in advance of the holiday season and cross this sometimes daunting task off your list before the list is complete. Some of these ideas can easily be added to a list of hundreds of holiday wishes, while others are a great way to keep the kids busy with holiday activities.

Here are just some Christmas card ideas:

1- Build Your Own Snowman:

This Christmas card is a super cool DIY ornament for the gift recipient! Get some cardboard and send your loved ones a little craft kit. Kids will love to structure a snowman ornament to hang on the tree!

Build your own snowman

Print this downloadable snowman template on white card stock.

Cut out the card and fold along the dotted line.

Cut a window in the front of the card, slightly smaller than a snack-sized ziplock bag.

Have your little kids cut out the snowman pieces.

cut snowman

Take an indicator and give your snowman some eyes, a mouth and buttons.

Place the snowman pieces in the ziplock bag and tape them behind the window.

Write your own personal message on the inside of the card, along with an invitation to stick the snowman on for a fun Christmas decoration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

2- Speaking of snowmen, this fun

The festive idea changes the whole “face” of Christmas cards! With cardstock and a few small family photos, you can easily create a slider that turns the snowman’s face into your smiling family photos!

snowman face

First download the PDF patterns for this card and print the card at 8.5 x 11 on cardstock.

Print copies of your family’s faces about 1 inch in size

Print the image strip template onto card stock. Then stick your family photos on the strip, making sure to line up your eyes.

Using a craft knife, cut a slit along the marking to the right of the snowman and cut out the ring on the snowman’s face.

Turn the card ended and adhesive tape a 2 1/2 x 1/2 inch strip of card stock to the inside of the card, aligning it with the slot to serve as a guide for the image strip.

Slide the image strip, face down, under the guide strip and through the slot.

Add a celebration greeting.

3- Family News Cards:

A hand-drawn card is a unique and personal way to keep in touch and don’t worry; excellent artistic skills are not required! Sketch or draw a simple scene using simple shapes, or download and use our templates!

Ask each family member to write a short note in the open places. This is a great card for an extensive list because at this point you only need to make as many copies as you need and each recipient will receive a personalized message from your family! Have fun and remember to add your own flair!                                                                                           

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